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Mia Johnson is the founder and principal designer of Mia Johnson Interior Design.  We are passionate about design and thrive on helping beautify interiors.  Our track record is a proven one that has consistently exceeded the expectation of our clients. 


We understand the home is such a personal space and that everyone deserves one that feels and looks special.  Let us bridge the gap between traditional in-home interior design and eDesign through personalized service.

I have an extensive sourcing library and vendor contacts that allow me to provide quality products and services.  


My associations include the National Kitchen Bath Association, Interior Design Society National & Project Management Institute.


Home & Garden Magazine

March 2024

Business of Home Magazine

June 2023

Spring 2021



Our firm is dedicated is  to helping clients discover the beauty and functionality within their homes.  From designing custom layouts to selecting the finest details, we aim to create spaces that bring joy and satisfaction. Whether it's finding the perfect pillow or completely remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, we strive to evoke smiles of satisfaction and expressions of delight. Our mission is accomplished when our clients experience that "aha" moment of discovering what was missing or express their love for the transformed space.



Renovating, remodeling, refreshing, painting, and picking out furnishes can be a daunting task.  Our vision is to take the pain out of it for our clients.  We will laugh and maybe even cry, tears of joy of course, but the end will be worth it.  Our vision is to make your visions come true. 

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