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Chalk Paint Makeover with Recycle Glass

Ok, so over the summer I was spray paint happy, I couldn't help myself. Here is another simple DIY project. Quick background, while out shopping with my BFF I saw these vases at my local West Elm store, they were so simple and beautiful. They were big & heavy, they had them styled on the floor. I was in love but when I saw the price, over $100 I knew I was going to do it DIY. Home Goods always have these big recycled glass vases, I knew they would be perfect. They were still around $40-$50 apiece. So I waited, one day several of them were on clearance for $10-$12 and I grabbed them fast!




I used Rust-Oleum Cream Chalk Spray Paint. It took several cans to fully coat each vase.

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Inspiration Pic

As I mentioned above, I got the vases from Home Goods but I've put a few options from Amazon

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