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CoWorking Space with a 5yr Old in Virtual School, Am I Crazy?

I can't believe I'm writing this post from my very own office! It turned out exactly how I envisioned it. I chose a neutral soft classroom for our little Kindergartener. I know most kindergarten classrooms are full of primary colors, posters and items on the walls. Well the world is different now, class is at home done virtually. With her learning being done via laptop, which my child was over the moon to receive, I didn't want the classroom to be over stimulating or easily distract her. So I kept it very calm, simple and bright. Plus I don't care for primary colors in a design and I was going to be working there too. I incorporated an office into the space not only so I can finally have a space to blog and design but to be in the same room with her to assist when needed for school. It is definitely a win/win.

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Now the good part, the before and after!!

The Playroom - Before

The room was grey when we bought our home and it was fine. We added the chalk board wall which made it darker but it was still fine. However, it was very junky and rarely used.

The Office - Before

This was a very unused closet. It held some winter coats and junk.

Now my favorite part - the AFTER!


I added Crown Molding to room well because I just love it! This is made of Styrofoam that I was able to install myself.

The rug needed to be washable and while I love my Ruggables I wanted to try something new. Insert this Pottery Barn washable rug, which I just love!

We got the desk from IKEA but it's no longer in stock. Here are similar options from Amazon.

You can never have enough Baskets

The signs are a cute Etsy shop. They were the starting point for the color scheme of the room.

Hobby Lobby Map

IKEA Items

Faux Brick Wall

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