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It's just paint, right?

How many times have you heard "all you need is a coat of paint"? Well it isn't always that simple. When we moved in we left this half bath white, as that is my favorite wall color. I added some shelves, changed the light fixture and thought I was done. I was really happy with the affordable changes, however, hubby was not. He begged for some color on the walls, so during one of our weekend of projects, I painted the room blue to match his office. As soon as I was done, we both something wasn't right. The shelves and light fixture no longer went with the new color. I have to admit to being a little shocked. So I had to redesign the bathroom again in less than a year. I really LOVE the final results and was glad hubby pushed me to paint it. So if you want to add paint do so, you can always paint over it BUT remember the other elements of the room. It might need more than a coat of paint...

Sherman Williams - Indigo Batik

Before when we first bought the house

The shelves that were installed first. This now are in the guest room and look awesome there.

Original Bathroom Rustic Shelves

I love this mirror. Thinking of installing in other areas of the house.

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