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One Room Challenge Fall 2021 - Week 7

We are one week away from the final reveal! This is my favorite part, the make it pretty part.

This week the focus was on:

  • Installing the wainscoting, and if you're following along on Instagram, I installed them myself - a very proud moment

  • Installing crown molding - which I also installed myself

  • Hanging picture lights

  • Hanging Chandelier

  • Finalize mirror & table selections - due to shipping delays, I have had to pivot, but I am happy it happened this way. I like the new choices better than the original.

I am happy to say all these task were completed. This is my second One Room Challenge and I always think eight weeks is a long time but it goes so fast. Project management is such a crucial part of the design and I'm so thankful to have this skill.

I wish styling was all that was left, but that isn't the case. I will be busy this week, but feel good about the progress. I have to be finish to allow time for photography, I am most excited about having the space professionally photographed!

I have to thank the sponsors of this project!

Creative Crown Molding - Crown molding

Shades of Light - Accent chair

I have to thank my hubby contractor!

See you next week!!

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HaiDera Hollins
HaiDera Hollins
Nov 15, 2021

I love the wainscoting! I want some in my front hall. Very proud of you Mia 👏🏽💙

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