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One Room Challenge - Final Reveal - Week 8

Black is the vibe, Coastal is the mood! The Dining Room Remodel is Complete!

I’ve been asked, "why did you pick black/dark color?" I wanted to show you can come out of your comfort zone and not lose your style. This is something I do with my clients, so why not reflect it in my space? My go-to aesthetic is an airy modern coastal theme. Think open windows, fresh breeze coming through, light walls with gold and wood accents. My goal for this space was to push that theme and create a moody, intimate dining ambiance. Since our home is 95% Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, I needed the perfect contrast to complement the home, so enter BM Black Panther. It is bold and saturated in color but is a softer black paint choice. In the daylight, it isn't harsh.

The dining room is open to the living room and kitchen. However, it closed off enough where I could create a separate moody feeling. The beautiful lighting, gifted by Hudson Valley Lighting, are on dimmers, even the lamp. Dimmers are a great solution to adjust the light and feeling of a space. The chandelier and picture lights are modern black and brass and blend seamlessly with etched rope detail (coastal) lamp.

All the light wood elements soften and warm up the room. The mirror frame provides additional depth due to the detail that you can see inside the frame. It has a worn wood look that definitely plays into the coastal theme. The arch detail in the console table is not only a trend right now but softens all the square and rectangle pieces.

I have to highlight the artwork. It is custom from Chanell Joy Fine Art. She created these from rock pigments. I originally purchased one, and upon receiving it, I knew I needed more and wanted to feature them on a gallery wall.

Are you picking up on all the juxtaposition happening? Taking modern elements and blending them with coastal and even some would say farmhouse elements to make the space yours. From the Artisan rustic vessels, beige slipcovered end chairs (gifted from Shades of Light), Louis dining chairs, to the brass picture lights, and painted crown moldings (gifted from Creative Crown). It really is one of my favorite things to do. You do not have to stick to one style.

Last night we had our first dinner in the remodeled dining room, and the goal was achieved! We lingered a little longer around the table, had an extra glass of wine, dimmed the lights, phones down, and enjoyed each other's company......

Over the next several weeks, I will be detailing more about this space.

Please check out all the other completed spaces on the One Room Challenge blog. They are GOOD! Amazing transformations. I love this community, it's so encouraging and fun.

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Jamala Kim Wallace
Jamala Kim Wallace
Jan 11, 2022

hypnotic new look! love it


felicia / hellohomegirl dot com
felicia / hellohomegirl dot com
Nov 22, 2021

So beautiful!


HaiDera Hollins
HaiDera Hollins
Nov 21, 2021

This is stunning!! Never thought a black dining space could be so uplifting. Amazing job 👏🏽

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