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One Room Challenge - Week 2

Week two has been about finalizing design elements and prep work.

A little bit more about the space. The dining room is off the kitchen (the 2nd pic below, the kitchen is on the other side of the wall). I have never "designed" it because we have talked many times about knocking the wall down to open up the kitchen. So I left it unfinished but you know what that means? It has been a catch all space, see picture below. It drives me crazy, so I said lets finish this space, why keeping waiting on a 'what if'. We rarely eat in our dining room except when hosting an actual dinner party. That is another reason why I'm going dark with the space.

Have you check out the other ORC spaces? They are so good!! Lots of creative spaces. Make sure to view all the spaces, they are posted here. I'm excited to see how they turn out.

Check out my Instagram post to see the images from this animation.

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