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ORC Week 4 - Busy Busy Busy!

It's week 4 for the One Room Challenge, and while my master bedroom looks a disaster, progress has been made. My goal for this week was to paint the room and install the crown molding. However, after looking at my plans, I realized it would be better to paint the dresser first. I have never used actual furniture paint, and I'm not sure why. It is WONDERFUL! I used Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk paint, and it's probably the easiest furniture paint job I've ever done. No sanding, no priming, just clean and paint. The finish is matte. I selected In The Navy, and it is beautiful. Without sealing, it takes 30 days to cure. I will add a matte seal coat because it's a piece of furniture that’s used daily.

I have to mention that for this whole dresser, I used an 8oz jar of paint. Shocking, I know.

After reviewing the design for the room, I realized it needed more texture and warmth. We have barn doors at the entry of the master bedroom, and they are white with black hardware, so drumroll, I added a dark brown stain to give it more warmth. I painted the hardware brass using Ruff & Buff in Gold Leaf. I'll have to admit I'm still deciding if I love the gold hardware. You'll have to wait until the finish to see the final design choice.

Now what you are here for, the pictures:


I posted a dilemma on my Instagram Stories about the Pulls. Go check it out!

Surprise Doors

Here is a video of the process, sorry if you can't hear me well, I have a ventilator mask, very serious business.

Also, please go check out some of the rooms. I am amazed at what people are doing. It is very cool, I probably say that every week, but it's true, it's very cool to see the transformations.

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