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ORC Week 5 - So Close

It’s almost over, not just the One Room Challenge but the actual renovations! I’ve already received the “I hate to admit it but you were right“ from my husband and we aren’t even finished yet. Which means it's going really well. Yay!

We accomplished a lot this week. We are so close to my favorite part, styling! I cannot wait.

Here is what’s happened this week:

- Completed painting the room - I used Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

- Installed the crown molding ( Using my absolute favorite Austin Crown molding)

- Installed the Board & Batten wall

- Caulked, sanded & first coat of paint applied

- Installed new pulls on the dresser

- Installed new shade

I can’t believe this picture is my actual walls. I have poured through so many pictures of feature walls and to see it, is such a treat.

A note about this feature wall, as you can see from the pictures below, we didn't use primed MDF, we went to a lumberyard and purchased wood with knots and imperfections. I had to sand it more than I would've preferred and when you add the paint you can really see the imperfections. My husband thinks it adds an aged look, I don't care for it, so I am sanding again and that is the reason it needs another coat of paint. So this picture isn't of a perfectly finished wall. However, I am still in love with it as is. I just always want to be transparent.

I really wanted to do the whole wall myself but my "general contractor" aka husband stepped in and did it for me. He left me one piece to do myself.

Also, please go check out Melanie at Oak House Design Co. She is making over her office and built an amazing desk. Her skills are beyond and her home & style is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see her finished office

Originally the room needed to be complete November 12th - November 19th but they have extended the date until November 29th. I plan to be done by the 19th, again that is the plan but plans can change. On schedule for next week:

- Finish the feature wall

- Install the curtains

- Stain the nightstands (hubby is custom building them as I type)

- Finalize design elements - lighting, pillows etc

- Style and complete

See you next week!

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