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DIY Joint Compound Vase Makeover

Ienjoy DIY projects, it is so cool being able to see something transform. I was once into clear glass vases for some reason, I have tons of them. I've spray painted vases before to change the look but wanted something more. I then stumbled upon using dirt, spackle and/or joint compound to a vase and was instantly in love. So I grabbed 3 glass containers I had and went to work. FUN doesn't even begin to describe this project, I even got Ms Bella to help.

Joint Compound Method

Step 1:

Clean the vases/container you plan on using

Step 2:

Apply a layer of joint compound. I used a generous amount but keep in mind it takes 24hrs to fully dry

Step 3:

I applied dirt first but like the look. I would suggest to paint it the color you want it. You can use spray paint, chalk paint or regular paint. I used matte black spray paint.

Step 4:

While the paint is drying throw dirt on the vase. Here is where your personal creativity comes into play. You can throw it on or rub it on. I used a combo of each.

Step 5:

Again, your personal taste comes into play at this stage. If you like where you are at you can seal it and be done. I played around some more, I rubbed the vase until some of the white joint compound started to show through this really gave them a aged look

Step 6:

Seal it with Clear matte sealer

Here is the video of the process, except adding dirt I’m working on cataloging every step of DIYs but I just get so excited to finish and forget to capture the before 🤦🏽‍♀️

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