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DIY: Sharpie Shiplap Budget Laundry Room Makeover

It‘a done! In 48hrs we made over our junky laundry room for $220 as part of the 2 Day $200 makeover challenge. I first saw this challenge on Cynthia Harper's Instagram. I really love how it turned out, so bright and airy. I actually smile when I go in to do laundry. There are a few items I’d like to add but it’s totally usable as it and I’m thrilled. Hubby was skeptical of the sharpie shiplap but ended up liking it.

The Sharpie Shiplap was so surprisingly easy to do. Not to mention it was fun!

Step 1

Paint the wall a color that marker will show through, most often white is used but a darker color would show up. I suggested testing a dark color first

Step 2

Determine how the size of your "planks". Shiplap planks are usually 4", 6", or 8" wide. I decided to go with the larger 8", this was more for time than anything. The 6" would've looked just fine.

Step 3

Create a template for the width of your plank, draw a pencil line every 8" down the wall

Step 4

Using a level, we used a 6 ft level, draw pencil marks along the wall. Tip: make sure to do the marks continuous on the walls. I started on one wall and then did the opposite wall and then the middle wall was off slightly. It was an easy fix but save yourself some time!

Below picture shows all the pencil marks. Don't worry about mess ups, you can just erase it.

Tip: Wash your hands often, the pencil leaves lead residue that gets on the walls

Pencil markings

Step 5

Once you are satisfied your pencil marks are level. Begin tracing your pencil marks with the Sharpie. Practice first! Tip: Use the level, I wouldn't suggest free hand. Super Tip: To ensure the sharpie line matches up to the next, align the level to the bottom of the Sharpie line. It will definitely make the lines one continuous line. Trust me on this!

You can see the some squiggly lines in this photo, this is the first wall I did. I painted over and redrew the lines.

Step 6

Clean up any lines with paint

Step 7

Sit back and admire your work

Pretty right?

Supplies Used

Home Depot

Behr Premium Plus - Polar Bear - $32

Black Pipe Fittings - $45

Rust-oelum Black Flat Spray Paint - $0 (already had)

Wood Stain - $0

Plant - $10

Home Goods

Baskets & Decor - $86




I first applied Wood conditioner to the board, this is applied by wiping it on with a cloth, I used an old cut up sheet. Then let it sit for 5 mins and wipe off. Next apply the wood stain in sections. I didn't want the shelves to be too dark so I immediately wiped it off with a separate microfiber cloth. Let dry and that's it!

Style the room and just like that you are done. I admit to being surprised at how easy it was! Can't wait to move on to another room but ssshh don't tell hubby!


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