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ORC Modern Coastal Master Bedroom Week 2

I’m enjoying discovering new designers and blogs. It’s been fun seeing the rooms. Make sure to check out all the One Room Challenge pages. I’m motivated and inspired. This week has been about determining the budget, sourcing products & starting the stripping process on the bed & dresser.

Included in this remodel was the purchase of a new mattress. So that was ordered and will be delivered next week. This made finishing the stripping work the priority. I can make a total mess of the current mattress and not worry. I did a strip test and I love the results. So here we go! As I type the CitiStrip is on the bed wrapped in Saran Wrap.

Check out the progress photos below!


The process

Now all the instructions I’ve seen said this can sit for 30 minutes to 24 hrs. During my test it came up in a few hours. So I’ll be checking it throughout the day

As you can see I decided to finish the one side of the dresser also.

I ordered the duvet & pillow inserts as well. Slow moving this week but moving and that’s counts.

Until next week!

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